Bucharest rent comunist apartment – Welcome Bucharest 1 with 100 lei/ night

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Apartment Welcome Bucharest 1 (comunist apartment)
Located near IOR Park, Baba Novac  Street No. 20, Bucharest sector 3.
The apartment has a view of the city, sunny mornings you can see mountains Bucegi.


Welcome Bucharest Apartment 1 is located on the 14th floor has 2 rooms, is detached consists of: living room, balcony, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
Facilities: air conditioning, Wi-Fi, fridge, parquet, ceramic tiles in bathroom and kitchen, two TV with cable channels, central heating.


Opposite bus stop 311 with which you can reach downtown in 15 minutes.

Price: 25 Euro or 100 lei/ apartment / night (up to 4 people). Payment is due in full at the beginning of the period. Prices do not include VAT.

E-mail: incoming [@] infotravelromania.com
Tel: 004 0723 286 309