About Bucharest

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3 reasons to see Bucharest: Bucharest is beautiful!, Bucharest is cheap!, Bucharest is safe!.

About Bucharest
Bucharest is located in south-eastern Romania, on the banks of the Dambovita river in a plain area.

His first documentary mention dates from 1459 during the reign of Vlad the Impaler. Six years later, the city devinecetate seat (capital) of Wallachia, one of the historical regions of Romania.

It is the first city in the world where public lighting is introduced with kerosene in 1857. The provincial capital becomes united Romanian Country and Moldova in 1862. Since 1918 is the capital of Romania as a national state.

Number of people: 2, 2 mil.
Must to see: Parliament House, Village Museum, History Museum, Romanian Athenaeum , Cismigiu Park, old Town near Unirii etc.

Taxi: 1,4 RON/ KM. Map of subway.
Subway: card 2 rides – 5 RON
1 Beer – 3 RON (Mega Image), 9 RON (restaurant)
1 Pack of cigarettes – 20 RON
Soup – 9 RON, Main course – 25 RON

Exchange 1 Euro = 4,5 RON

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